Professional Realty Services International

With Offices and Agent Partners serving over 150 markets, Professional Realty Services International is one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in America. But our growth isn’t built on aggressive sales tactics or by buying up teams and brokerages and moving them over to our branding. We're growing one individual Agent Partner at a time.

As a professional organization, we’re driven by a sense of fairness, transparency and accountability. Our goal is simple: to offer agents like you best-in-class marketing, technology and education, with an unparalleled Broker Support Team that truly cares about YOUR future.  All while maintaining compensation that is fair.

JW Staff Photo

JW Webb

Company Founder & Chief Vision Officer

What we believe

- We have a very people centric company culture.

- We believe in serving the needs of others, first.

- We believe in challenging the status quo.

- We believe in empowering each individual member of our team to be the best versions of themselves - to give them a place where their talents can shine, so they can achieve the life they desire.  So they can live extraordinary lives that touch the lives of those around them.

Professional Realty Services International

Founded in Spokane Valley, Washington in 2005, Professional Realty Services International is one of the top 50 highest producing independent brokerages in America (out of 86,000 brokerages) as ranked by Real Trends.

Our professional expectations:

We operate with a high level of service and support, while maintaining an exceedingly fair compensation structure compared to the disproportionate commission splits charged by most brokerages. How do we do it? 

By asking each and every one of our Agent Partners to live up to 10 Professional Expectations.

Administrative Expectations

  1. Upload your contract documents on-time, including all signed Listing Agreements and Purchase Agreements, all signed Addenda. (State Law in most states requires documents to be turned in to the Broker within 2 days.  Uploading into Paperless within 2 days satisfies this requirement.
  2. Check your email at least once per day.
  3. Answer all communications from our Brokers and Staff, recognizing that if someone from the Corporate Office is contacting you, it’s because they are trying to help you.
  4. Make sure your files are complete and signed off at least 7 days before closing.
    *This excludes Broker approved "trail-in" items and documents. (See "5. Ask for help.")
  5. Ask for help. If you are having a hard time getting a required checklist item within 7 days before closing, please email one of our Managing Brokers so they can help. They will note the issue in your Transaction File and let Accounting know before the Commission Instructions are sent to Escrow by the Corporate Office.
    *Note that if the issue is Noted in the file (and everything else is complete), your commission check will not be held because of an Incomplete File.
  6. Don't be afraid to call our Brokers and Staff with questions. Remember that even the most seasoned agents need help from time to time!

Behavioral Expectations

  1. Be courteous and respectful to ALL those involved in your transactions. Be the bigger person and even if the other person is hard to work with, have empathy.
  2. Be the professional your clients and peers deserve to work with.
  3. Adhere to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.
  4. Do what you say you're going to do.


Join us now to get a fair commission structure, smarter technology and world-class broker support.