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Compensation Plans for our Individual Agent Partners

1% Gross Commission Split (99/1) applied to all plans

Plan A is only $345 per side + 1% GC*
(for Agent Partners closing 1-24 sides per year)

Plan B is only a $245 per side + 1% GC*
(for Agent Partners closing 25-49 sides per year)

Plan C is only a $145 per side + 1% GC*
(for Agent Partners closing 50-99 sides per year)

Plan D is only a $100 per side + 1% GC*
(for Agent Partners closing 100+ sides per year)

*Plan qualifications based on the previous twelve months closing as evidenced in the MLS.  $50 Risk Management Fee charged per side (not charged on Referral fees).

Special Plans available for Mid-Size & Large Teams
Please ask for details.

1 Calculator Results are a preliminary estimate based on Plan A shown above with typical and historic conditions. Your actual earnings may contain additional conditions in your present circumstances not known to PRS and are for discussion purposes only, and not guaranteed. PRS calculations are subject to revision.

Over the last 5 years, we paid our Agent Partners $112 million MORE than they would have earned on a 70/30 split.

What our Partners say about their extra income:

“From there honesty & integrity, to the way everyone is treated in the who organization. The emphasis that we are all partners working together really stood out to me...”

Hettie Bigley

Spokane, WA

“I was able to pay off my new truck in a year! The knowledge and assistance we get as Agent Partners is amazing! The classes and weekly meetings are so helpful.”

Jeannine Burns

Spokane, WA

“Being a part of PRS gives me the freedom to build my business and I have seen much more income ever since I've joined.”

Clifford Martin

Kennewick, WA


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