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Last year, we paid our Agent Partners $47 million more than they would have earned on a 70/30 split.

What our Partners say about their extra income:

“I reinvested the 30% portion of my commission I used to pay to my old broker into Training, Coaching and Marketing."

"As I became more successful over the past few years here at PRS, I also was able to create a nest egg that allowed me to purchase more real estate!”

Nolan Crossley

Hayden, ID

“I was able to pay off my new truck in a year! The knowledge and assistance we get as Agent Partners is amazing! The classes and weekly meetings are so helpful.”

Jeannine Burns

Spokane, WA

“Being a part of PRS gives me the freedom to build my business and I have seen much more income ever since I've joined.”

Clifford Martin

Kennewick, WA


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