Here’s a statistic I'll bet you haven’t heard before:

Over the last 10 years, the average real estate professional in America PAID their Brokerage $235,000 to $400,000 on a 70/30 split.

I hate to think of what could have been for those professionals — the family vacations they could have taken, the student loans their kids could have avoided, the infusions they could have made into their retirement savings.

The point is, those professionals earned that money, but they didn’t get to keep it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. How do I know?

Because for the 1,000+ professionals I represent, it isn't that way at all.

My Purpose:
To Empower Every Agent.

I am committed to providing the tools and services that empower our Agent Partners without burdening them with high fees.

  1. To provide our Partners with the tools and technology they need to succeed.
  2. To support our Partners with world-class support, education and service.
  3. To ensure our Partners avoid disproportionate commission splits.

That last part was especially important to me, because I feel that it is important for real estate professionals to have an opportunity to take back those hundreds of thousands of dollars they've paid over the years, and invest in themselves.

My Heart:
Why do I do it?

I have been asked (a lot) in my career about why I do what I do -- since I give as much or more than many of the national franchises, while only charging an average of around 2.6% compared to most Brokerage’s 30-50%.

Like most people, there are things I want to experience in my life. I’ve just found that the things that are most valuable to me... aren’t "things".  It's taking what I’ve learned in my career (along with the cumulative knowledge of the professionals who serve our Agent Partners) and using it to help others find happiness and success in their lives.

The sincere joy I feel from seeing the success and happiness in our Agent Partner, Brokers and Staff is worth so much more to me than a paycheck.

In Hindi, the word "Muditā" means finding joy in other people’s joy.

That is why I do what I do.

My Promise:
Fair, Transparent Fees. Always.

Plan A:

  • For Partners and Teams closing up to 49 sides per year.
  • $345 Broker Service Fee + $50 Risk Management

Plan B:

  • For Partners & Teams closing 50-99 sides per year.
  • $245 Broker Service Fee + $50 Risk Management

Plan C:

  • For Partners & Teams closing 100+ sides per year.
  • $145 Broker Service Fee + $50 Risk Management

*Risk Management Fees are not charged on Referral Fees. If Referral Fee received is under $1,200, Broker Service Fee is reduced to $100.

**Last 12 months production shown in MLS will be used to qualify for Plans B and C. Some States and Municipalities require Real Estate Offices to collect and pay B&O tax from commissions, which will be deducted in additional to Broker Service Fees and Risk Management Fees. 

Wondering how much MORE you’d earn as an Agent Partner?

My Commitment:
When You Need Us, We Answer the Phone.

"Whether it's a Wednesday morning, or a Sunday evening, when our phones ring, we just assume that something is on fire and you need help!"

We know you want to control your business, but you don’t want to work alone.  Whether you need negotiation advice, market insights, or tips on dealing with a tricky situation, our Managing Brokers are here for you 7 days a week.

Need to discuss a contract document or a difficult situation with a Broker, but don't have time to drive to the office?  We've got you covered with our Live Broker Video Chat.

Broker Video Chat - 2 people looking at monitor 220203

Check out what BROKER SUPPORT means at Professional Realty Services.

My Expectations:
I don't ask a lot.  Well... actually, I do.

I expect our Agent Partner, Brokers and Staff to be professional and ethical, but it's more than that.

I expect our people to be courteous and respectful to ALL those involved in their transactions, because no one is above anyone else.

I expect our people to do what they say they're going to do.

I expect our people to be the professionals our clients and our peers deserve to work with.

And above all else, I expect every person in our organization to have an understanding of what it means to put others, first.

Essentially, I want good human beings, first...
good practitioners second.

How Do We Do It?
We Are Partners.

In order to remain profitable and still offer everything I’ve stated above, I do ask our Agent Partners to take on a few minutes of work here and there that they may not have done before.

This work includes buttoning up your transaction files before the commission disbursement authorization is sent to escrow (which happens 97% of the time) and uploading your contract documents on time. Here’s the full list of professional expectations we need from each of our Partners.

By putting in this small amount of extra effort from time to time, we can keep our systems operating at an exceedingly high level, which helps us keep our costs (your costs) at a fraction of what most Brokerages require.

What will you do with your extra income over the next 10 years?

Keep an average of $235,000 to $400,000 of your own hard-earned money, over the course of the next decade. This is my promise today, just as it was on day one: You earn it, you keep it.

I urge you to try out our commission calculator, to see how much more you could be paying yourself and your family.

You are worth it and it is an honor to serve you!


JW Webb, Founder & CEO (Chief Vision Officer)
Professional Realty Services International


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